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Choose the amount you would like to give per month for unlimited Rhe-set sessions. You can choose 1, 3 or 6 months and pay monthly. You will need a debit/credit card or use SEPA direct debit (automatische afschrijving).


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The unique live streamed sessions are a beautiful opportunity to experience a save practice @home while you are present in a group online. Rhea can see you on her screen so she can be with you to give personal adjustments when needed. Whenever you have a question during or after practice you can communicate directly.

To participate in a session, donate for a membership subscription. As soon as you have your donor account and membership you receive a special code. This code gives you acces to all live tie sessions you can book through the interactive schedule or in the Rhe-set wix app. You will then receive an invitation to participate with the ZOOM sessions. This is completely free and pretty easy to use!


You need wall space, a bolster, mat, strap and blocks. If you don’t have them be creative and use a door, window as wall space, a blanket, a long belt as a strap, a big pillow from the sofa as a bolster and a book as block;)

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